Pennant Teams – 20th October 2018

Div 1 @ Eaglehawk

  1. Ebenwaldner, P. Gooch, T. Schill, M. Finch (s)
  2. Drummond, F. Thomas, W. Robins, T. Wallis (s)
  3. Williams, R. Barri, B. Hogan, G. Walsh (s)
  4. Strauss, J. Walkington, A. Eddy, D. Cheeseman (s)

Div 3 @ Home

  1. Benney, P. Bush, P. Beveridge, S. Egan (s)
  2. Hocking, A. Slingo, A. Spence, C. Murphy (s)
  3. Bush, G. Taylor, D. Condon, B. Carlson (s)
  4. Collins, D. Kent, J. Read, J. Frost (s)

Div 5 @ Bridgewater

  1. Johansen, R. Pearce, G. Fordham, K. Connaughton (s)
  2. Lea, L. Strauss, E. Chapman, W. Lyons (s)
  3. Waterson, R. Bell, P. Camm, G. Tipple (s)
  4. Bird, J. Chapman, D. Luke, L. Power

Div 7 @ Home

  1. McCamish, R. MacNamara, C. Blaufuhs, W. Stammers (s)
  2. Grainger, M. Nelson, A. Lowes, T. Cope (s)
  3. Brown, H. Hendy, M. Campbell, J. Brown (s)

NOTE: Training on Thursday from 3:00pm – 4:30pm in designated teams, two bowls only.

October is Bowls Month

October is “Bowls Month” at the Golden Square Bowling Club.  Every Friday from 4pm during the month of October we will be holding Barefoot Bowling and will have a Happy Hour at our very popular bar.