A spreadsheet detailing a history of achievements since our inception has recently been added to this website (click here to download).

Many thanks to John Berry and Daryl Cheeseman for their work on developing this spreadsheet, which details results of men’s Club Singles and Pairs Championships, as well as the Minor Championship, 100-up, 21-up and two-bowl, 18-up events from inception. Daryl has also added Women’s Championship details where he was able to locate information – if anyone has further detail, please contact him for updating.

For further interest, Honour Rolls of multiple winners for all men’s events have been listed at the bottom of the spreadsheet. Our two greens are named after two of our greatest bowlers – Frank Johns (who won 9 club singles championships) and Bob Campbell (5). Tom Barri won 7 singles championships, so we need a third green for completeness!