Saturday Pennant – Semi Finals – 29th February 2020

What a way to finish the season all 4 teams won and teams consolidated their positions in each division to set a great chance of progressing through the finals.

Division 1 had a great win against Inglewood on their home track and earned their 5th  position.

Division 3 had a great win against 3rd positioned Bendigo and leap frogged them into 3rd. They have another shot at them this weekend in the Semi Finals being played at Kangaroo Flat on the small green.

Division 5 won against Harcourt and ensured themselves the double chance sitting in 1st position. Well done they have Campbells Creek this week in their Semi final game at Eaglehawk on the Kelly green.

Division 7 came out guns blazing and won against Woodbury consolidating 3rd position. This week they have White Hills at Kangaroo Flat on the Front Green.  

Best of luck to all Divisions for Saturday. This challenge brings out our best.

Selection is always a hard proposition at most times during the season and in the eyes of some players we don’t always get it right. It’s even harder at the end of the season when trying to select the strongest teams and players will miss out due to one reason or another don’t be disheartened as things change and there is always a chance to play, no one is guaranteed a game.

NOTE: To Side Managers & Seconds:  please ensure to collect $5.00 green fees from all members playing to be handed to the Host Club. Bags have been provided to each of you. Thankyou

A Special thankyou to all the members who helped the weekend teams to get to the finals when players have dropped out at the last moment.    

Weekend Pennant Semi Finals  – 29 February 2020 

Division 3 Vs Bendigo @ Kangaroo Flat – Small Green   

Glenn Fordham, Wayne Lyons, Stephen Egan, Jeff Frost (s)
Trevor Trewartha, Ross Smith, Guenther Ebenwaldner, Peter Bush (s)
Jonathon Bush, Ruth Pearce, Scott Finch, Doug Condon (s)
Russell Finch, George Cronk, Phil Gooch, Barry Hogan (s)

Division 5 Vs Campbells Creek @ Eaglehawk – Kelly Green

Ted Hocking, Alan Slingo, Walter Stammers, Graham Taylor (s)
Colin Bird, Ray Bell, Peter Camm, Gil Tipple (s)
Dennis Whitehead, Ernie Chapman, Hartley Hendy, Don Kent (s)
Alan Collins, David Luke, Ken Connaughton, Laurie Power (s) 

Division 7 Vs White Hills @ Kangaroo Flat – Front Green

Bob Hutchinson, Les Marshall, Jeni Eddy, Judy Chapman (s)
Kevin Watson, Terry McManus, Rod Collins, Brendan Marshall (s)
Mark Burchell, Allan Lowes, Coral Mitchell, Terry Cope (s)

Side Captains

Division 3 – Glenn Fordham
Division 5 – Colin Bird
Division 7 – Guenther Ebenwaldner

Team Managers



Round 14  – The best performed rink voucher went to Judy Chapman Rink with a 15 shot win, team members  Jenni Eddy, Les Marshall and Bob Hutchinson well done again . 

Training on Thursday from 3:00pm – 6:00pm in designated teams. If you are unable to make practice or come late please let someone  know from the selection team or have the message passed on.


If you have a grievance there is a process that should be followed please make an appointment if you wish to raise an issue.  Weekend Selection is done Wednesday evening at approx. 4-6pm.

All the best

Guenther (Eb) Ebenwaldner
Chairman of Selectors