Saturday Pennant – Round 6 – 30th November 2019

Fifth week was a good week. Three sides up with Division 1 had their 2nd win of the season over Bendigo. Divisons 3 and 5 also had good wins. Division 7 just missed out against VRI.  Good Luck to all Divisions once again this week with Division 7 having a rest with a bye.

Round 6 Pennant – 30 November 2019

Division 1  Away @ Castlemaine

John Read Jim Walkington, Wayne Robins. Trevor Schill (s)
Scott Finch, Bernie Carlson, Tas Wallis, Steve Drummond (s)
Russell Williams, Frank Thomas, Travis Berry, Daryl Cheeseman (s)
Alan Eddy, Ian Hammond, Mal Finch, Garri Conforti (s)

Division 3 @ Home Vs Woodbury on Norm Townsend Green (Front)

Glenn Fordham, Wayne Lyons, Stephen Egan, Jeff Frost (s)
Trevor Trewartha, Terry Johansen, Guenther Ebenwaldner, Barry Hogan (s)
John Bush, Ruth Pearce, Alan Spence, Doug Condon (s)
Alan Slingo, Russell Finch, Mardi Chisholm, George Cronk (s)

Division 5 @ Home Vs Castlemaine on Frank John Green (Back)

Ted Hocking, Rod Collins, Walter Stammers, Graham Taylor (s)
Colin Bird, Colin Murphy, Peter Camm, Gil Tipple (s)
Peter Ferrier, Ernie Chapman, Hartley Hendy, Don Kent (s)
Alan Collins, David Luke, Ken Connaughton, Laurie Power (s)

Division 7   Bye

Side Captains

Division 1 – Alan Eddy
Division 3 – Glenn Fordham
Division 5 – Colin Bird


  • Round 5  – The fifth week the best performed rink voucher went to the Trevor Schill with a 13 shot win, team members Wayne Robins, Jim Walkington and John Read.
  • Round 6 best performed rink voucher will go to the best performed Division 5 Team as Division 7 has the bye Team good luck against Bendigo.
  • Training on Thursday from 3:00pm – 6:00pm in designated teams. If you are unable to make practice or come late please let someone know from the selection team or have the message passed on.

A heartfelt thankyou to all members who support the Weekend  Pennant at the last moment to fill in when players are unavailable. It makes Selection harder when players return.


The Selectors would like to speak with the Division 7 Skippers at the selection meeting next week, Wed 4 Dec @ 4:30pm unless changed.

Weekend Selection is done Wednesday evening at approx. 4-6pm. If you have a grievance there is a process that needs to be followed please make an appointment if you wish to raise an issue.    

Guenther (Eb) Ebenwaldner
Chairman of Selectors