Saturday Pennant Finals – 2nd March 2019

Congratulations on Division 3 making it to the finals.  We wish you best of luck..!

Division 3 vs Heathcote

Playing at Bendigo East on the B green

  1. Steve Benney, Wayne Lyons, Stephen Eagan, Jeff Frost
  2. Ted Hocking, Terry Johansen, Colin Murphy, George Cronk
  3. John Bush, Paul Beveridge, Alan Spence, Peter Bush
  4. Graham Taylor, Don Kent, John Read, Doug Condon


Laurie Power, Mardi Chisholm, Glenn Fordham

Side Captain: Is there someone who would like to support the team and be side captain for this Saturday. Could you let me know please.

Note: The changed heat rules: If the temperature is forecast to be 38c or higher at 6pm Thursday prior to a Weekend Pennant, games will commence at 10am (rollup 9.30am) with a 30 minute break taken at 12 noon.

Best Performed Rink for Round 14:

It was a close run in all divisions however the best performed rink for the last home and away game was

Division 1:  Russell Williams, Phil Gooch, Barry Hogan, Daryl Cheeseman