Saturday Pennant Teams – 9th February 2019 (Round 12)

Division 1 @ Away vs Inglewood

  1. Guenther Ebenwaldner, Ron Barri, Mal Finch Gary Conforti (s)
  2. Steve Drummond, Wayne Lyons, Daryl Cheeseman, Tas Wallis (s)
  3. Russell Williams, Phil Gooch, Barry Hogan, Alan Eddy (s)
  4. John Read, Jim Walkington, Wayne Robins, Trevor Schill (s)

Division 3 @ Home vs Kangaroo Flat

  1. Steve Benney, Rob Strauss, Steve Egan, Jeff Frost (s)
  2. Terry Johansen, Ted Hocking, Colin Murphy, George Cronk (s)
  3. John Bush, Graham Davey, Alan Spence, Doug Condon (s)
  4. John Waterson, Glenn Fordham, Laurie Power, Don Kent, (s)

Division 5 @ Away vs White Hills

  1. Trevor Trewartha, Judy Chapman, , Ruth Pearce, Ken Connaughton (s)
  2. Allan Collins , Lee Strauss, David Luke, Hartley Hendy (s)
  3. Peter Ferrier, Ray Bell, Peter Camm, Gil Tipple (s)
  4. Colin Bird, Judy Brown, Ernie Chapman, Alan Slingo (s)

Division 7 @ Home vs Kangaroo Flat

  1. Bob Hutchinson, Merv Nelson, John Brennan, Carl Blaufuhs (s)
  2. Bob Grainger, Allan Lowes, Mal Campbell, Reg McCamish (s)
  3. Alan Brown, Wal Hamblin, Terry Cope, Walter Stammers (s)


Training on Thursday from 3:00pm – 4:30pm in designated teams, two bowls only. If you are unable to make practice or come late please let someone know.

Skills Clinic:  Leads and Seconds Tuesday 6:30pm

Skills Clinic :  Thirds and Skips Wednesday 6:30pm

Round 12 best performed Rink for the Foundry Hotel vouchers –  Division 3

Round 11 best performed rink Div 5: Peter Ferrier, Ray Bell, Peter Camm, Barry Hogan