Mid-Week Pennant Teams MONDAY 1st FEBRUARY 2021

9am Roll Up – 9.30am Start

Division Lead Second Third Skip
Div 1
V Bendigo East
P. Pain T. Berry W. Robins J. Robins
M. Cusack T. Schill T. Marron J. Ross
R. Williams M. Chisholm Y. Robinson R. Pearce
Div 2 

at Bendigo East

M. Trigg R. Bird M. Watts J. Brown
A. Collins B. Luke B. Clements V. Groves
R. Gould D. Hendy D. Kent C. Slingo
Div 3 V


E. Collins Gelma Taylor Graham Taylor J. Chapman
C. Bird S. Thorpe J. Holborn M. Lea
J. Rogers V. Bayliss Laurie Power S. McDonald
Div 4

At Bendigo East

K. Watson W. Lethlean J. McKinstry M. McClure
L. Eeles A. Schultz H. Hendy L. O’Neill
L. Bell M. Barras C. Hutchinson J. Holcombe



A Few Announcements

Midweek Pennant meeting next Friday 22nd January after midweek practice. BYO lunch. Thanks Robyn.

Wednesday Triples Social Bowls: We now have an early start, names by 9:30 starts @10:30, Thanks Wal

The Frank Thomas 2 Bowls Triples event is an open event and will now be held on Sunday February 21st

Ladies are encouraged to support the Golden Square Ladies Annual Fours Tournament Friday 29th January 2021. 9am assembly for 9.30am start.  $12 per person 3 games of 10 ends. BYO lunch Covid restrictions apply.  Entries to Joan Brennan 54436485 or 0427188401.
Sponsored by Butterfly Audiology.

Mid Week Teams – Friday 8th January 2021


Division Lead Second Third Skip
Div 1
V Inglewood
M. Cusack T. Berry W. Robins J. Robins
J. Read T. Marron M. Chisholm J. Ross
A. Eddy B. Hogan Y. Robinson P. Pain
Div 2
at Sth Bendigo
M. Trigg R. Bird M. Watts J. Brown
G. Taylor B. Luke B. Clements V. Groves
R. Gould A. Slingo D. Hendy C. Slingo
Div 3 V
Bendigo VRI
E. Collins A. Collins S. Thorpe J. Chapman
C. Bird J. Brennan J. Holborn M. Lea
J. Rogers Gelma Taylor V. Bayliss S. McDonald
Div 4
At Strath/saye
K. Watson L. Bell M. Barras J. Holcombe
L. Eeles A. Schultz J McKinstry L. O’Neill
T. McManus W.Lethlean C. Hutchinson M. McClure

Melbourne Tatts Bowlers are Back

32 of Melbourne Tatts bowlers are back with their annual trip to the Golden Square Bowling Club on Wednesday January 6th.

We need 12 more bowlers for the annual game. The format is a 10:30 start, play 10 ends , enjoy a 2 course luncheon and finish with another 10 ends.

Please put your name on the list in the Clubhouse or contact Wayne Robins on 0423 831 486 to add your name to the list.

Gearing up for Pennant in 2021

A happy New Year to all members.  Let’s hope 2021 is a better year than 2020.  Here’s the current plans for getting pennant on the way.
Mid-week pennant practice starts on Thursday January 7th. @10:00
Due to 2019/20 State Championships being programmed for 10th to 15th January at Warrnambool:
  • Mid-week pennant recommences on Friday January 8th not Monday the 11th.
  • Saturday Pennantwill not be played on January 9th. The recommencement will be Saturday January 16th.  
Also note, Di needs some helpers with functions on January 17th and 19th. She would appreciate some members to help run the bowls on those days.