Midweek Teams for Monday 30th November 2020

Division Lead Second Third Skip
Division 1
V Eaglehawk
T. Berry V. Groves W. Robins J. Robins
M. Cusack P. Pain M. Chisholm J. Ross
D. Jennings A. Eddy Y. Robinson R. Pearce
Div 2
at White Hills
M. Trigg J. Holborn M. Lea S. Rooke
M. Watts B. Luke B. Clements R. Bird
R. Gould J. Brown D. Hendy C. Slingo
Div 3
V Campbells Ck
E. Collins A. Collins G. Taylor J. Chapman
C. Bird A. Schultz S. McDonald J. Brennan
Gelma Taylor J. Rogers Laurie Power S. Thorpe
Div 4
K. Watson L. Bell T. McManus M. McClure
L. Eeles W. Lethlean J McKinstry L. O’Neill
H. Hendy C. Hutchinson M. Barras J. Holcombe

Pennant 2020/21

Pennant will commence on the following dates for season 2020/21:

Midweek Pennant – Monday 26th October 10am.

Weekend Pennant- Saturday 7th November 1pm.

Rounds 14

Ends – All Divisions 21 ends straight through
(No lunch break or afternoon tea.)

The current COVID-19 restrictions apply:

  • Social Distancing rules apply
  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Do not handle other participant’s bowls
  • Face coverings: in most cases, must still be worn when playing bowls. The DHHS directive provides for face coverings to be removed during strenuous exercise, therefore Bowls Victoria recommends that a player may remove a face covering when puffing or breathing heavily, however it must be replaced once a player has caught their breath.  If the mask is removed, it should be kept on the person.
  • Cough and sneeze into your elbow
  • No spectators allowed
  • Shared equipment (jacks & mats) should be cleaned and disinfected before and after use.
  • Scoreboards to be changed by home team second only
  • Refrain from shaking hands, high-fives or any contact with others.
  • If you are feeling unwell then you should not attend under any circumstances.
  • Only two (2) players to be around the head, all others to be 2 metres behind or on the bank.
  • If any Club wishes to change time of game please arrange with opposition and advise Pennant Competitions Committee.
  • Sanitiser should be readily available on each green.

If any changes to COVID-19 restriction Clubs will be advised of any rule changes.

Midweek Pennant Teams – Monday, 4th February 2019

Division 1

R. Groves, M. Chisholm, J. Ross (Skips)
R. Pearce, M. Cusack, D. Jennings
T. Schill, J. Chapman, W. Robins
J. Robins, J. Read, P. Pain

Division 2

C. Slingo, D. Hendy, J. Brennan
B. Clements, H. O’Brien, M. Lee
J. Brown, B. Luke, R. Bird
M. Trigg, B. Murphy, R. Gould

Division 3

J. McKinstry, S. Rooke, A. Schultz
J. Holborn, S. Thorpe, M. Craze
J. Owins, W. Lethlean, L. Power
F. Davies, E. Collins, J. Rogers

Division 4

L. Bell, M. Barass, J. Holcombe
C. Hutchinson, G. Tait, B. Morgan
C. Hemmes, Jenni, C. Bird
G. Taylor, Gelma Taylor, L. O’Neill