Midweek Teams for Monday 30th November 2020

Division Lead Second Third Skip
Division 1
V Eaglehawk
T. Berry V. Groves W. Robins J. Robins
M. Cusack P. Pain M. Chisholm J. Ross
D. Jennings A. Eddy Y. Robinson R. Pearce
Div 2
at White Hills
M. Trigg J. Holborn M. Lea S. Rooke
M. Watts B. Luke B. Clements R. Bird
R. Gould J. Brown D. Hendy C. Slingo
Div 3
V Campbells Ck
E. Collins A. Collins G. Taylor J. Chapman
C. Bird A. Schultz S. McDonald J. Brennan
Gelma Taylor J. Rogers Laurie Power S. Thorpe
Div 4
K. Watson L. Bell T. McManus M. McClure
L. Eeles W. Lethlean J McKinstry L. O’Neill
H. Hendy C. Hutchinson M. Barras J. Holcombe

Pennant Teams for Saturday 28th November 2020

Division Lead 2nd 3rd Skip
Division 1

At South Bendigo

John Read John Jackman Daryl Cheeseman Travis Berry
Ian Hammond Frank Thomas Max Watts Barry Hogan
G. Ebenwaldner Trevor Schill Alan Eddy Steve Drummond
Scott Finch Daniel Berry Wayne Robins Garri Conforti
Division 3

At Home V Heathcote

Frank John Green

Jeni Eddy George Cronk Stephen Egan Jeff Frost
Ruth Pearce Jim Easton Phil Gooch Peter Bush
Glenn Fordham Alan Spence Ross Smith Doug Condon
Colin Bird Alan Slingo Wayne Lyons Bernie Carlson
Division 4

At Home V South Bendigo

Norm Townsend Green

Ted Hocking Jeremy Gay Walter Stammers Graham Taylor
Terry Johansen Peter Ferrier Colin Murphy Don Kent
Steve Benney Ray Bell Mal Finch Ken Connaughton
Alan Collins Trevor Trewartha Brendan Marshall Laurie Power
Division 7

Away at Heathcote

Kevin Watson Dennis Whitehead Les Marshall Judy Chapman
Rob Grainger Allan Lowes Bob Hutchinson Hartley Hendy
Robyn Bird Billie Gregg Rod Collins Carl Blauhfuhs
Division 9

At Home V White Hills

Alan Brown Terry McManus Dawn Hendy Judy Brown
Lawrie Bayliss Jenni Holborn Mavis Lea Terry Cope

Pennant Teams

Weekend Pennant teams will be announced later today, Wednesday, October 21st.   Names will be on selection board. Pennant practice in teams on Thursday if possible and on Saturday a practice match between teams of same division.
Go Square !!!

Pennant 2020/21

Pennant will commence on the following dates for season 2020/21:

Midweek Pennant – Monday 26th October 10am.

Weekend Pennant- Saturday 7th November 1pm.

Rounds 14

Ends – All Divisions 21 ends straight through
(No lunch break or afternoon tea.)

The current COVID-19 restrictions apply:

  • Social Distancing rules apply
  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Do not handle other participant’s bowls
  • Face coverings: in most cases, must still be worn when playing bowls. The DHHS directive provides for face coverings to be removed during strenuous exercise, therefore Bowls Victoria recommends that a player may remove a face covering when puffing or breathing heavily, however it must be replaced once a player has caught their breath.  If the mask is removed, it should be kept on the person.
  • Cough and sneeze into your elbow
  • No spectators allowed
  • Shared equipment (jacks & mats) should be cleaned and disinfected before and after use.
  • Scoreboards to be changed by home team second only
  • Refrain from shaking hands, high-fives or any contact with others.
  • If you are feeling unwell then you should not attend under any circumstances.
  • Only two (2) players to be around the head, all others to be 2 metres behind or on the bank.
  • If any Club wishes to change time of game please arrange with opposition and advise Pennant Competitions Committee.
  • Sanitiser should be readily available on each green.

If any changes to COVID-19 restriction Clubs will be advised of any rule changes.

The Road to Recovery

Play will proceed as per normal rules but with social distancing, wearing a mask (you may remove your mask while playing a shot) and following all the hygiene rules as set out by Bowls and Croquet Associations.  These rules are displayed at the club.  You may remove your mask when seated eating or drinking. The club house will open from now on all days except Sunday.  Club caretaker Terry Cope does this.

There is a limit on the number of people who may enter inside the club.  The number is ten people per space, along with Bar staff.  Two distinct spaces are allowed, that is only twenty people in the club at any one time.  On entering the club, you must sign in and sign out, you cannot be in the club longer than two hours and you must social distance.  You are obliged to self-regulate the numbers, as well as wipe the table down if leaving.

There are COVID signs everywhere in the club, if you do not follow the rules, you will likely be quietly warned by the Bar Staff or a club official, please think of others.


Clubhouse Closed (including bar)
Social Bowls cancelled until further notice
Maximum of 2 players per rink. Maximum of 10 players per green.
  • You should not attend GSB&CC if they have any of the Covid-19 symptoms.
    Stay at home if you feel unwell.
  • If you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical attention.
  • Must wear Face Masks unless they are exempt.
  • Must wash or sanitise their hands and maintain social distancing
  • Members need to sign in & out at the “Attendance Registers”
  • Ensure you complete all required information each time you attend.
  • The “Attendance Sheet” is located on the “Mat Cupboard”
  • No spectators are allowed.
Available every day from 6th August 2020 between the hours of 11.30 am and 5.00pm , subject to the availability of Greens.
No Tuesday practice as maintenance will be happening.
Greenkeepers decision which Greens to open.
Social distancing (1.5 metres) must be maintained.
Rinks are set 1.5 metres apart and are not to be altered.
Do not handle other players’ bowls.
Only one player to handle the kitty. Wash your hands or use sanitiser regularly.
Sneeze or cough into your handkerchief or your elbow.


Please take care, we look forward to everyone returning to Bowls and Croquet following this current lock down.
Allan Slingo
Board of Management

BOWLS IS BACK Members only

2 X 8 ends Starts Wednesday 10th. June
$10.00 Drawn crossover pairs. 12:30 Start 🤓🙂
Maximum of 20 players per green, club house not allowed to be used ,except for toilets.
Tea and coffee available in outside undercover area.
Contact Tas 0411 265 399 or Wayne 0423 831 486
Great prizes !!!


Spectators are not permitted at the Club. (social distancing still required).

As a reminder, general hygiene practices include:
  • Clean hands by having hand sanitizer readily available at the club,
  • Refrain from shaking hands and ‘high-fiving’ others.
  • All mats & jacks should be thoroughly cleaned before being used.
  • Wash your hands before and after play.
  • Refrain from handling other people’s bowls.
  • Do not attend the club if you are feeling unwell.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Due to Coronavirus Pandemic and the response by the Victorian State Government which has imposed stage two restrictions, the Golden Square Bowling and Croquet Club is closed as of 12.00 mid-day on Wednesday 25th of March 2020 and all club activities are suspended, until further notice.

Activities suspended are: . Bar services and any functions
. Social Bowls
. Indoor Bowls and Card afternoons
. Social Croquet
. Friday night happy hour and raffles
. All practice bowls and croquet

Anyone wishing to remove their bowls or personal items from the club are requested to do so by Tuesday 31 March 2020 and to arrange this with Di Stammers.

Please note the club’s Presentation night and AGMs for the Board, the Bowls Section and the Croquet Section have been adjourned until Friday 28th August 2020. Any further changes required by Government will be advised to members

Allan Slingo
Board Chairman

Saturday Pennant – Preliminary Finals – 7th March 2020

The Semi Finals last weekend produced mixed results, however we still have 2 teams in the finals Division 5 and Division 3.

Division 3 had a close match most of the day against Bendigo but managed to close out the game with a win in the last few ends and now into the Preliminary Final against Bendigo East at Bendigo on the Yarrington Green ( Gaol Green )

Division 5 just missed on moving directly into the Grand Final with a hard fought loss against Campbells Creek. They now have Inglewood at Bendigo on the Hesse Green.

Division 7 also competitive through out the match with the tide turning each way but just fell at the last hurdle with a loss against White Hills. Well done all year and also your efforts in finals.

Best of Luck to both Divisions 3 and 5 this weekend.

Note: To side Managers and Seconds : please ensure you collect the $5 green fees from all team members playing to be handed into the Host Club. Bags have been provided to each of you. Thankyou.

Weekend Pennant Preliminary Final Teams – 7 March 2020 

Division 3 Vs Bendigo East @ Bendigo – Yarrington Green

Glenn Fordham, Wayne Lyons, Stephen Egan, Jeff Frost (s)
Trevor Trewartha, Ross Smith, Guenther Ebenwaldner, Peter Bush (s)
Jonathon Bush, Ruth Pearce, Scott Finch, Doug Condon (s)
Russell Finch, George Cronk, Phil Gooch, Barry Hogan (s)

Emergency: Julie Robins

Scorer: TBD
Side Manager: TBD

Division 5 Vs Inglewood @ Bendigo – Hesse Green 

Ted Hocking, Hartley Hendy, Walter Stammers, Graham Taylor (s)
Colin Bird, Ray Bell, Peter Camm, Gil Tipple (s)
Peter Ferrier, Ernie Chapman, Allan Slingo, Don Kent (s)
Alan Collins, David Luke, Ken Connaughton, Laurie Power (s)

Emergency: Dennis Whitehead

Scorer: Judy Chapman, Bob Hutchinson
Side Manager: Wayne Robins

We are looking for a Scorer to do the aggregate score board for Division 3 if some one wishes to help the club. Please call me or let me know by tomorrow evening at the Club I will be there.

All the Best for the games this weekend

Guenther (Eb) Ebenwaldner
Chairman of Selectors

Saturday Pennant – Semi Finals – 29th February 2020

What a way to finish the season all 4 teams won and teams consolidated their positions in each division to set a great chance of progressing through the finals.

Division 1 had a great win against Inglewood on their home track and earned their 5th  position.

Division 3 had a great win against 3rd positioned Bendigo and leap frogged them into 3rd. They have another shot at them this weekend in the Semi Finals being played at Kangaroo Flat on the small green.

Division 5 won against Harcourt and ensured themselves the double chance sitting in 1st position. Well done they have Campbells Creek this week in their Semi final game at Eaglehawk on the Kelly green.

Division 7 came out guns blazing and won against Woodbury consolidating 3rd position. This week they have White Hills at Kangaroo Flat on the Front Green.  

Best of luck to all Divisions for Saturday. This challenge brings out our best.

Selection is always a hard proposition at most times during the season and in the eyes of some players we don’t always get it right. It’s even harder at the end of the season when trying to select the strongest teams and players will miss out due to one reason or another don’t be disheartened as things change and there is always a chance to play, no one is guaranteed a game.

NOTE: To Side Managers & Seconds:  please ensure to collect $5.00 green fees from all members playing to be handed to the Host Club. Bags have been provided to each of you. Thankyou

A Special thankyou to all the members who helped the weekend teams to get to the finals when players have dropped out at the last moment.    

Weekend Pennant Semi Finals  – 29 February 2020 

Division 3 Vs Bendigo @ Kangaroo Flat – Small Green   

Glenn Fordham, Wayne Lyons, Stephen Egan, Jeff Frost (s)
Trevor Trewartha, Ross Smith, Guenther Ebenwaldner, Peter Bush (s)
Jonathon Bush, Ruth Pearce, Scott Finch, Doug Condon (s)
Russell Finch, George Cronk, Phil Gooch, Barry Hogan (s)

Division 5 Vs Campbells Creek @ Eaglehawk – Kelly Green

Ted Hocking, Alan Slingo, Walter Stammers, Graham Taylor (s)
Colin Bird, Ray Bell, Peter Camm, Gil Tipple (s)
Dennis Whitehead, Ernie Chapman, Hartley Hendy, Don Kent (s)
Alan Collins, David Luke, Ken Connaughton, Laurie Power (s) 

Division 7 Vs White Hills @ Kangaroo Flat – Front Green

Bob Hutchinson, Les Marshall, Jeni Eddy, Judy Chapman (s)
Kevin Watson, Terry McManus, Rod Collins, Brendan Marshall (s)
Mark Burchell, Allan Lowes, Coral Mitchell, Terry Cope (s)

Side Captains

Division 3 – Glenn Fordham
Division 5 – Colin Bird
Division 7 – Guenther Ebenwaldner

Team Managers



Round 14  – The best performed rink voucher went to Judy Chapman Rink with a 15 shot win, team members  Jenni Eddy, Les Marshall and Bob Hutchinson well done again . 

Training on Thursday from 3:00pm – 6:00pm in designated teams. If you are unable to make practice or come late please let someone  know from the selection team or have the message passed on.


If you have a grievance there is a process that should be followed please make an appointment if you wish to raise an issue.  Weekend Selection is done Wednesday evening at approx. 4-6pm.

All the best

Guenther (Eb) Ebenwaldner
Chairman of Selectors